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Protection From Predators

Spiritual Justice
I am an avid believer in spiritual justice especially related to sexual predators and physical abusers.  For the past 10 years, I have dedicated much of my work to help women and children get justice from these predators so that they can avoid the negative publicity associated with speaking their truth. More often than not, when a woman or child seeks relief from being violated, the predator always denies it and seeks to destroy their lives for opening their mouths. This leaves the survivors feeling ashamed, guilty, and vulnerable which causes even deeper problems. I find that the survivors are often dependent on the predators whether it be a supervisor at work, stepparent, brother in law, friend of the family, or someone who may have a relationship or association with a loved one that could potentially get hurt by revealing that information. I have grown to be very passionate about this work because it aids the survivor in maintaining their privacy.
I also do this work to ensure the safety of other people in the community that may be affected as a result. I do not believe in relying on a legal system for these matters alone as most predators are not found guilty mainly because the survivor was too afraid to speak their truth soon after the event. Due to this, I perform work that puts a hard stop to repeat offenses by giving the predator erectile dysfunction, sterilizing him, decreasing his libido, and removing the predatory spirit that may be fueling his desire to hurt others.  For physical abusers, I perform work on a case by case basis to rectify the situation.
This is very intense yet necessary work that is overlooked by many root workers! Not only do I perform work on the predator, but I also help to heal the survivors from the damage that has been caused as a result. I find that most women who have been assaulted get into tumultous relationships with other people because their self worth has dimished. I also find that the women who have been sexually assaulted are likely to attract STDs, cancer of their reproductive system, fibroids, breast cancer, and have immense sexual shame and promiscuity. These are all subconscious wounds that start from traumatic events from the sacral chakra. It can prompt a person to feel that they are not worthy of enjoying sexual pleasure and pleasure in life altogether which usually provokes the person to find a coping mechanism in substance abuse. Not to mention that it may cause a person to question their sexual orientation causing identity issues. Further, if these people have confided in a loved one about the abuse and the loved one did not take them seriously, it can prompt the survivor to have a hatred toward humanity especially their parents, which can cause a cycle of generations habits of pedophilia and sexual assault within ones bloodline.
I also perform work for the general community as well as one-on-one to protect women and children from rape and sex offenders as a preventive method before anything occurs. 
If you know anyone who may be in need of my services, you are welcome to contact me at alchemicalhoneypot@gmail.com.