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I have been performing home blessings for over 20 years as a spiritual service, which has been extremely successful at removing energies and/or spirits from the homes that may disturb the inhabitants in the home. These services smooth out the existing tension in the home and all matters related to the home life. The specific services that I offer include a prescription and instructions on how to keep your home clear of harmful energy and it will also close a lot of the portals that may have caused disturbances in the first place.

These services have saved countless marriages, aided in the real estate industry, helped to heal individuals from sicknesses and diseases, soothed behavioral health matters, aided in conceiving children, and having an overall happy home life.

What is a Home Blessing?

Our home is our resting space. It is the place where we let down our guards, address our personal needs, and nurture ourselves. It is where we are supposed to obtain peace from the rest of the world. It is where we both start and end our days. If our home life is a mess then it sets the tone for how the rest of our lives will be affected.

The basic concept of a home blessing is to clear the space of energy that clashes with the goals that we are pursuing and establish an atmosphere that will be conducive to the productivity in our lives. A home blessing is imperative when an individual is seeking to end bad habits/cycles and begin good ones. It is a road opener of success in each of the inhabitants’ lives and it encourages the inhabitants to avoid procrastination and finally rest when it’s time to rest. It creates a space for a healthy work/life balance!  

The source of stress is most often a matter of our living conditions, but that can only be changed so much. When you are dealing with less than favorable conditions, your only resort is the change the existing energy to help you deal with those conditions in a healthy manner. A home blessing is a spiritual service that provides a platform for success and gives you an overall easier life.

When to get a Home Blessing?

  • Marital issues.

  • After divorce.

  • Buying, selling, or leasing a home.

  • Trying to conceive children.

  • Before arrival or soon after the arrival of a new baby and/or a roommate.

  • Sicknesses and diseases that have been manifesting.

  • Soon after death of a loved one.

  • Incurring emotional and mental stress.

  • Irritability over minor issues.

  • After natural disaster or accident in the home.

  • Sudden weight gain.

  • Fighting or arguing in the home.

  • Legal battles, disputes, and negotiations.

  • Unpleasant surprises.

  • Termination of employment.

  • Unable to find employment.

  • Obtain once per year around the anniversary of when you moved in the home.

What are the Benefits?

  • Removes toxic energies and spirits in the home.

  • Encourages peace between inhabitants.

  • Eases anxiety and depression.

  • Soothes colicky or disruptive children.

  • Clarity of mind and good decision-making.

  • Peaceful rest.

  • Eases insomnia and stress.

  • Helps with the transition of those fighting addiction.

  • Weight loss.

  • And so much more! There’s no limit to the benefits as the energies in the homes vary case by case.

Cost of Home Blessing

My rates start at $300 and they may increase depending on the level of complexity in the situations (e.g. hauntings).