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Insecurity Blockbuster Oil

Insecurity Blockbuster is an authentic handmade conjure oil designed to promote confidence with the user and address the root cause of the triggers that may induce fear, doubt, guilt, abandonment, or any other insecurity. 


This oil is a MUST HAVE for anyone who is lacking the motivation to reach goals and have a tendency to experience PTSD in dealing with relationships or any other matter in life. 


This oil is designed to help the user evolve, take responsibility for their actions, have courage to deal with the consequences of their actions, regain control over emotions, and develop the will power to be successful in life. In turn, this oil can be used to help conquer symptoms of depression and anxiety. 


This oil works well with Independent Woman Oil, Lilith Oil, and Sacred Prostitute Oil depending on the user’s intentions. 


We do not make any claims for this product but we sell it as a curio only.


**External Use Only**


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