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Succubus Oil

The succubus is a vampire. It is known to "steal" energy from others for the sake of it's own survival. 


This oil consists of Jezebel, Delilah, and Lilith energies. They have demonic influences that aid the user in finding hidden treasures using the art of seduction and manipulation. Jezebel, Delilah, and Lilith are both known to use the vice of their victims against them but not just in sexual manner.


It is not limited to being used on a target outside of the user. I have used this product to manipulate my own self hatred issues that I had developed over the course of my child hood and my marriage including body image.


This oil can also be used to improve the user's confidence especially in public speaking and pitching sales.


It promotes the concept of serpent energy which is great for navigation, survival, and wisdom: learning how to use the tools you have to best of your ability and flourish despite of the situation.


It also helps the user become more of a chameleon by adjusting to their circumstances and bringing forth fruit from places the user never realized they had in the first place.


We do not make any claims for this product but we sell it as a curio only.


***External Use Only***


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